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Stronghold: Warlords release date and co-op announced

Published: 10:35, 13 June 2020
Firefly Studios
Stronghold: Warlords
Stronghold: Warlords

Firefly Studios revealed that Stronghold: Warlords would arrive in the latter part of 2020 along with its multiplayer component which includes co-op.

Stronghold: Warlords is the upcoming game in the castle-building strategy series and it seems like the developers, Firefly Studios, have some special things in store for the franchise's fans. The release date is on September 29, 2020, but that's not all of the news the team revealed recently.

All platforms will get the game simultaneously and PC will get the game on Steam on the same date so there are no exclusivity periods in sight. Furthermore, there will be co-op besides the regular multiplayer.

Technically, players could have co-op against AI in custom matches earlier in the series as well but Stronghold: Warlords will let two players control a single castle which should take the communication to the next level. Alternatively, the castle will still be stuck with meek walls by the time someone invades with trebuchets.

Firefly pointed out that this approach could even let players pick which part of running a castle they prefer and then stick to it. If one prefers handling the economy while the other builds an army, they can do so. During combat, one player could coordinate defence while the other triggers castle traps and puts out fires.

Additionally, there will be a new mechanic where small AI-run castles will be scattered across the map and players can take them over by either conquest or diplomacy. Acquiring these castles will get their populace to ally with the player and bring their "unique archetype and abilities" to the table.

Firefly Studios Stronghold: Warlords logo image Warlords are the ones that will control the smaller castles initially

Having these Warlords at one's disposal can provide new tactics to conquer the other bigger players on the map, so it's definitely something to keep an eye out for.

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