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Streets of Tarkov could release before September

Published: 23:42, 26 May 2022
Battlestate Games
Is the game's full release coming as well?
Is the game's full release coming as well?

Just yesterday we wrote about Streets of Tarkov optimistically getting released by the end of the year. The latest info says the map could release in late summer.

Earlier today, Nikita, the C.E.O. of Battlestate Games announced that they are hoping for the first iteration of Streets of Tarkov to hit the spotlight before autumn this year. This of course is not a guarantee or an official confirmation, but it is a first somewhat concrete timetable for when we can expect the map to release.

This came a bit out of the blue, not because of the release, as that has been anticipated by the fans for a long time now, but because it could premiere before Autumn, and we are getting the news just now.

Battlestate Games have been teasing fans for years with the footage from the map, including some lengthy videos that show that the map development is mostly done. Check out the latest footage below.

What could that mean for this wipe?

In regard to the currently expected wipe, there are a few options. 

One of them is a prolonged wipe, where we wouldn't have a new wipe until the Streets, so August/September. In that case, this wipe would stretch as far as possible, and the next one would have not just Streets but also the Lighthouse expansion. 

We do not think this will be the case as it would put some time pressure on the developers, and the release of Streets would overshadow completely new additions such as Lighthouse expansion and the new in-game Trader.

The second option is that we have a wipe in June/July with the Lighthouse expansion, and the Streets pushed back to December, with a release before Christmas, with the new wipe. 

This would give Battlestate Games more time to breathe, and they could start teasing the map couple of months before. It would also separate and give more attention to the Lighthouse expansion and other upcoming additions expected this wipe.

As Streets of Tarkov is the game's most ambitious and largest map, there is a lot of sense to release the game in full and finally move it out of the Beta stage. The Streets of Tarkov have been hyped for years, and there will be no other moment in Tarkov that will gain as much attention as the release of Streets of Tarkov. 

To release the game at any other time would not be seizing the moment from the marketing perspective, but we are talking about Battlestate Games here, so it wouldn't be that much of a surprise if they choose some other route.

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