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Street Fighter V player fixes netcode problem in two days

Published: 15:32, 09 January 2020
Showcase of Seth and Ryu in Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V

Capcom were put to shame recently as a Street Fighter V players solved a netcode problem that was plaguing Street Fighter V matches for the past four years. What a team of developers couldn't do in that period was done by a fan in just two days.

Street Fighter V is one of the most popular fighting games currently but the online matches are held back by one-sided rollback which is a phenomenon that happens when one player is lagging while the other isn't. This can negatively affect the experience for both players - the one with smooth ping can get the rollbacks while the one with the slower connection can get a weird combination of inputs, best described as from the near future.

Capcom Released SFV in February 2016, meaning the game has been out for almost four years at the time of writing and the developers never fixed this issue. Meanwhile, it took a community member roughly two days to resolve it on PC, with most of the time apparently going into reverse engineering, not implementing the fix itself. 

Altimor, who created , guessed that it would take Capcom 30 minutes to implement the change which makes the situation even more ridiculous.

In the case of the third party fix, it seems to as it pretty much eliminates one-sided rollbacks and makes the game more enjoyable for both players in a match. The fix is not without its problems though and they surfaced only in the case of crossplay so far.

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Street Fighter V - Abigail

It appears that a player on PC who is using Altimor's mod would inadvertently transfer all the lag to the PlayStation 4 user and therefore make the game unplayable for them. However, it would only take Capcom to deploy a similar solution on Sony's platform to make it work for everyone but it remains to be seen what will become of the situation.

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