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Street Fighter 6 announced in a teaser trailer

Published: 11:59, 21 February 2022
Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6

Capcom came out with pretty big news for one of their biggest IPs but we are still in the teaser phase so not much was revealed overall.

Street Fighter 6 was officially announced and the news came through the teaser trailer, which you can check out below. 

The video features the series' most popular character, Ryu, and the newcomer Luke. It shows them preparing for what looks like a sparring match but the actual fight isn't actually shown.

Both fighters have appearances that are a bit different than what was seen in SFV as Ryu looks a bit aged and frankly, his physique resembles Ben Swolo

Luke, meanwhile, looks different mostly thanks to his new attire as he is no longer bare-chested. His haircut looks slightly different but it's possible this is the result of the benefits of a pre-rendered video. Alternatively, it wouldn't be out of realm of possibility that SF 6 will be made with RE engine, which could result in a game that looks different when it comes to the art style and overall aesthetic.

None of that is officially confirmed yet and likely won't be for a few months as the trailer also teases more news about Street Fighter 6 at some point during Summer 2022.

As such, there is currently no release date either so keep your eyes peeled for more information during the warmer days.

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