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Steel Circus closed alpha test is commencing soon, sign-ups open

Published: 16:39, 14 February 2019
Oasis Games
Picture of several competitors in Steel Circus
Steel Circus

Oasis Games have announced that Steel Circus closed alpha test is starting on 15 February 2019, but the applications for participation will go on until 16 February 2019, so it is not too late to gain access to the dystopian sports game.

Steel Circus closed alpha test will be available through Steam for any players who have already applied for participation, as well as some of those who apply until 16 February 2019. This is the same day the closed alpha test will end, and it will run through several waves of closed tests.

These tests will serve as an evaluation of the game for the developers, before it launches in Early Access on Steam. The exact date for Early Access is still not set in stone and it will most likely depend on the feedback from closed alpha.

For those who haven't heard about Steel Circus yet, it is a game set in a dystopian future, 2350 AD to be exact. The universe is oppressive and one of the few outlets the people have there are the annual Steel Circus Championships. Steel Circus is a futuristic sport where two teams of distinctly individual characters meet up and attempt to score goals by any means necessary.

There are three types of characters who can be seen on the field. Strikers are the agile archetype that is great for scoring goals and avoiding physical contact. Enforcers are quite the opposite, as they mostly chase the opposing players in order to temporarily disable them. Lastly, the specialists are the character type that has sleeves full of tricks and can deal with both Strikers and Enforcers.

Oasis Games Picture of a the champions from Steel Circus fighting over a ball Steel Circus

Each category will have unique characters, kind of like Overwatch. Both D.Va and Reinhardt are classified as tanks, but they have wildly different roles in their teams and it seems like Iron Mountain Interactive are trying to implement a similar system in Steel Circus.

If you feel the game is up your alley, you may want to visit the  and sign up for the alpha test. It is free, after all.

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