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Star Wars Squadrons patch released, refresh rate issue still not fixed

Published: 22:06, 08 October 2020
Star Wars: Squadrons - PC screenshot showing amazing graphics
Star Wars: Squadrons looks gorgeous on PC.

After two updates, EA still haven't fixed the bug we encountered on the release day of Star Wars: Squadrons (PC), but you can check out the full patch notes from the Update 1.1

EA have released title update 1.1 for Star Wars Squadrons, and we instantly dived back in to check if the bad refresh rate issue was fixed. 

Sadly, it wasn't. The game still suffers from low fps bug if you set the refresh rate to anything above 59.94Hz as it did since day one. Here's our article  about it.

And here are the patch notes from the Update 1.1:

Fleet Battles Ranks 

  • Fixed an issue where players could not be correctly placed in a rank after initial placement matches 
    • Players who have not started their placement matches will be able to place normally 
    • Players who have started their placement matches will have their remaining matches use the corrected system 
      • There will be no rank resets at this time 


  •  Added options in the menu called “Controller Global Deadzone" and "Flight Stick Global Deadzone” which will allow you to modify the deadzone individually for standard controllers and Flight Sticks 
  •  Adjusted the default input curves for Flight Sticks, which should make controls feel more responsive 


  • Adjusted some of the visual effects in VR mode, specifically addressing the brightness and bloom when dropping bombs from your Starfighter

EA Star Wars Squadrons Star Wars Squadrons

Bug Fixes 

  • ​​​​Fixed an issue where the Fleet Battles Tutorial could become incompletable if the player’s starfighter was destroyed at certain points during the exercise
  • Fixed an issue where V-Sync would sometimes become disabled upon returning to the main menu
  • Fixed a bug where the Imperial squadron was not visible in some instances during the opening cinematic for Dogfight mode
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the 3000 series Nvidia GPUs to default to low-quality graphics settings
  • We’ve removed a couple of instances where development text was appearing in the game
  • Fixed an issue ensuring VOIP (voice chat) toggles work as intended
  • Fixed an issue on PC where single-player medals could be removed after playing other game modes. 


  • Improved stability in the Spectator feature of online PvP modes
  • Other general stability improvements and fixes 
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