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Star Wars: Squadrons 3.0 adds Fostar Haven, 120 FPS on Xbox Series X/S

Published: 20:07, 27 November 2020
Screenshot from Star Wars Squadrons game by EA Motive
Star Wars: Squadrons still suffer from a low refresh-rate bug

EA Motive have rolled out the first of two upcoming content updates for Star Wars: Squadrons, the first of which brings the new map, Fostar Haven, next-gen tweaks, cosmetics and more.

The studio was blown away with the response of the Star Wars: Squadrons community, so the updates are a way to give some of that love back. 

Unfortunately for PlayStation 5 owners, Star Wars: Squadrons' 120 FPS and 4K support applies only on Xbox Series X / S.

We've already reported that PlayStation 5's 120 FPS capabilities are reserved solely for native games, which leaves the backwards compatible ones locked at 60 FPS. 

Still, PS5 players will notice improvements in visual quality and lighting, whereas Xbox Series X / S owners get the option to choose between enhanced visuals and faster performance.

Onto the content then - Fostar Haven, Star Wars: Squadrons' new battleground, has been added to Dogfight and Fleet Battles. It should encourage all sorts of warfare, from close combat in the crowded dockyard to all-out carnage in the empty swathes of space. 

Fleet Battles no longer scale Morale gains and losses based on the number of Star Wars: Squadrons players present, but Morale gain for AI kills while on defence is down from 4 to 3.  

EA Star Wars: Squadrons, Fostar Haven map Star Wars: Squadrons, Fostar Haven map

As promised, the team rolled out the four new components too:

  • Boost Extension Kit has been added to the X-wing, Y-wing, TIE fighter, and TIE bomber
  • Prototype Piercing Torpedoes have been added to the X-wing, Y-wing, TIE fighter, and TIE bomber
  • Ion Rockets have been added to the X-wing, A-wing, TIE Fighter, and TIE Interceptor
  • Anti-Material Rocket Turrets have been added to the U-wing and TIE reaper

Star Wars: Squadrons also got a bunch of new starfighter paintjobs, Pilot heads, Navigator sets, as well as a host of fixes and tweaks from improved VR performance to bug fixes. You can find the full patch notes here .

December's update is expected to bring two new starfighters, B-wing Bomber-class and TIE Fighter, as well as Custom Matches. 

Star Wars: Squadrons space combat sim by EA and Motive

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Star Wars: Squadrons

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