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Star Wars: Squadrons update 2.0 will let players reset rank

Published: 19:33, 30 October 2020
Star Wars: Squadrons combat
Star Wars: Squadrons combat

Star Wars: Squadrons' maiden flights have not exactly been bug-free, and some players reported being stuck at rank 0, but the update 2.0 will let players reset it.

Now, the dev performed server-side maintenance about a week ago and resolved the issue, but there's a catch. Namely, it prevents the issue from happening from now on, but Star Wars: Squadrons players who are stuck in this state are still affected. 

EA, therefore, wanted to give players a heads up that the Update 2.0, which is due next week, will resolve this by providing players with the option to reset their rank. This way, Star Wars: Squadrons players who are affected can simply reset their rank without requiring server-wide intervention and potentially affecting the rest of the players. 

Star Wars: Squadrons' issue with locked framerate on PC, as well as the bug preventing players from completing Mission 9 from the Update 1.3 will be fixed in the following one. EA are well aware of the frustration all these caused for some players, and they've prepared a little thank you. 

"As a thank you for your understanding, we’ll be giving all players 1,200 Glory for being so patient while we’ve worked on resolving these, admittedly, very tricky bugs. The Glory will come after Update 2.0 is deployed and we’ve confirmed the ranked issue is no longer impacting players", they wrote. 

EA Screenshot from Star Wars Squadrons game by EA Motive Star Wars: Squadrons still suffer from a low refresh-rate bug

EA didn't provide the exact date when to expect the Star Wars: Squadrons Update 2.0, but next week is close enough. We'll be keeping an eye out and sift through the patch notes as soon as it launches, so stay tuned. 

You can find the announcement on the Star Wars: Squadrons website .

Star Wars: Squadrons space combat sim by EA and Motive

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