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EA Motive are working on something pretty special but it's not a new Star Wars game

Published: 11:04, 05 November 2020
Star Wars: Squadrons aerial combat
Star Wars: Squadrons, we're gonna need a bigger boat!

Star Wars Squadrons developer EA Motive Montreal have debunked the latest rumours, which suggested their new game is another Star Wars project. The team is indeed working on a new game but it's not a Star Wars one, they say.

Rumours about a new Star Wars project at EA Motive Montreal have been floating around the social media and gaming forums for quite some time now but the publisher and developer never officially confirmed if these are true or not.

The rumours started when a job listing appeared on EA's website, stating that the team is working on "an upcoming Star Wars action game". To be fair, this is pretty strong proof and these job listings are usually spot on.

However, today, EA Motive Montreal finally decided to end the speculation, confirming that the job listing was simply a human error. "Due to human error (hey, it happens!) we've seen a lot of speculation. While we're not working on a new Star Wars project, we are working on something pretty special," EA Motive Montreal tweeted.

Interestingly, the team confirmed they are working on something quite special but sadly, did not share more details about the game. The project is probably still in the early stages of development so don't expect to hear about it anytime soon.

It's worth mentioning that this is not the only game they are developing at the moment. Shortly after the release of Star Wars Squadrons, the studio confirmed that they are working on "several unannounced projects".

If you are yet to try Star Wars Squadrons, we suggest you give it a go, it's a fun little game, available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Star Wars: Squadrons space combat sim by EA and Motive

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Star Wars: Squadrons

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