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Star Wars: Squadrons getting new map, components, Starfighters, custom matches

Published: 20:21, 18 November 2020
Star Wars: Squadrons, Fostar Haven map
Star Wars: Squadrons, Fostar Haven map

Star Wars: Squadrons players are heading for a content-rich holiday season as EA announced two free content updates, bringing new map, components, Starfighters and more.

You could say that Star Wars: Squadrons have themselves to thank for these updates, as Motive Studios were blown away with the outpouring of support and decided to repay it with two updates, both of which are greatly inspired by the community feedback. 


Star Wars: Squadrons' November update is slated for November 25, 2020, and while the update will feature fixes, balancing and tuning, the highlights have to be the new map and components. 

This is where the community's requests did the trick, prompting Star Wars: Squadrons developer to add the fan-favourite location from the first prologue mission - Forstar Haven. The map, which will be added to Fleet Battles and the Dogfight mode, features plenty of crowded dockyards to weave through, as well as open space to duke it out in.

Star Wars: Squadrons will also get four new components. Fighters and Bombers are getting the Boost Extension Kit, which gives your starfighter a full boost once used. Interceptors and Fighters are getting Ion Rockets, which move at half the speed of standard rockets but can be used at the same time as other components. 

Bombers and Fighters will get the Prototype Piercing Torpedoes, whose lower damage is counterbalanced with the ability to bypass capital ship and flagship shields. Note that Fighters get half the ammo count. U-wing and TIE reapers are getting the Anti-Material Rocket Turret, which doesn't target starfighters but excels on flagship subsystems, capital ships, turrets and other deployables.

EA Star Wars: Squadrons new Starfighters Star Wars: Squadrons, new Starfighters coming in December update


December's update for Star Wars: Squadrons brings two new Starfighters, with the B-wing categorised as a Bomber-class starfighter, while TIE defender is the Fighter class. 

Coming in the same update are Custom Matches, another win for the Star Wars: Squadrons community, allowing one to five players per side to play any Dogfight or Fleet Battles maps. The dev will be spicing it up with additional modifiers and restrictions, fully customisable of course. 

You can find the full announcement here .

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