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Humble Choice lineup for June 2022 spearheaded by several heavy hitters

Published: 21:06, 08 June 2022
Star Wars: Squadrons, Fostar Haven map
Star Wars: Squadrons, Fostar Haven map

Humble Bundle's subscription service is offering a pretty good lineup for June 2022, featuring multiple games that were met with highly positive reception.

Humble Choice lineup for June 2022 consists of:

  1. Star Wars Squadrons
  2. Phoenix Point
  3. Gamedec
  4. Call of the Sea
  5. Pumpkin Jack
  6. Siege Survival: Gloria Victis
  7. I Am Fish
  8. Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Star Wars Squadrons and Phoenix Point are possibly the two most recognisable games on the list, the first one being a well-received title in one of the most popular franchises to ever exist and the latter being a product of the man behind the XCOM series. While these two are great additions to anyone's library, they are not the only ones worthy of a spotlight.

Gamedec, for example, is a cyberpunk game that didn't let millions of fans down. With a humble marketing budget, it didn't get much pomp before release but it's one of the best RPGs around as the numerous nominations under the game's belt are not there just for show.

Meanwhile, Superhot is one of the most easily recognised VR titles in the world so if you feel like going John Wick on a bunch of glorified stickmen, you should look no further. 

The game is all about getting creative kills and living out the fantasy of an unstoppable force that is just as likely to take an enemy down with their wit as they are with a gun.

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