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Star Wars: Battlefront II closed alpha invites sent out

Published: 13:38, 29 June 2017
Star Wars: Battlefront II

E-mail invites to the Star Wars: Battlefront II closed alpha have been sent out. The alpha becomes available 29 June at 9 AM BST, but some people are reporting that they already have access to the game. The first impressions are being shared on the game's official forum.

A couple od days after Star Wars Battlefront community manager Mat Everett prematurely made a post on how to report a bug in Battlefront II on the game's official forum and effectively ruined everyone's surprise, people are reporting that they have been e-mailed codes for an alpha test of the game.

NeoGaf users have also been posting about the occurrence. EA folks are taking the silent route ever since the alpha got leaked on the forum. Some of the players who received the code are also reporting being able to access the game, while others speak of the alpha as being available from Thursday, 29 June at 9:00 AM BST.

A chunk of text accompanying the codes addressed the ins and outs of discussing the in-game experience:

"The Closed Alpha materials are confidential information. Sharing or posting any information, screenshots, or videos on public forums or social channels is prohibited, as noted in the Alpha Agreement, the acceptance of which is required to participate in this test. The Alpha Agreement is found during installation of the Star Wars Battlefront II Closed Alpha."

EA Image of Darth Maul from Star Wars: Battlefront II. Star Wars: Battlefront II : ''Come to the Dark Side, we have Pay to Win!''

The text goes on to inform us that the closed alpha is "playable in English only", and that it only gives you a "small taste of what the full game will include upon release". More languages will be available in the final game.

People who already have access to the closed alpha have been posting their first impressions of the upcoming title, and they have been doing so on the . No word yet on the alpha's end date.

The Star Wars: will be taking place sometime during this fall, with no specific date set yet. The game is expected to launch on 17 November 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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