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Star Citizen rakes in $7 million more, discounts starter packages

Published: 10:27, 03 December 2018
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Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games have managed to rake in $7 million over the course of Star Citizen's 2018 Free Fly Event, prompting the dynamic duo to discount the game's starter packs all the way to the priciest package.

So, CIG and RSI knocked $10 off of their starter pack offer, covering everything from single seaters to advanced prospecting setups. We're talking about Aurora MR Pack Warbond and Mustang Alpha Pack starter packs, as well as Avenger Stalker Pack, Reliant Kore Pack nad Anvil Aerospace Arrow advanced starter packs.

If you're interested in more high-end stuff for a "lucrative career in mining" or something, CIG also discounted Specialty Game Packs by the same amount. The offer includes Cutlass Black Pack, Misc Freelancer Pack, Hornet F7C Pack, Misc Prospector Pack and Constellation Andromeda Pack. 

Granted, slashing $10 off of the Andromeda Pack, which now costs $245, may not be much but such is the price of admission in Star Citizen's higher echelons. On the other hand, you can get it for as low as $35 with the Aurora MR Pack, so it's ultimately your call.

This means that Star Citizen made $7 million in just nine days, which may not be the biggest cash haul that the game's managed but it's still pretty impressive. For a game lambasted by outsiders for being a glorified hoax, it sure doesn't seem to lack backers though.

Not that anyone needed proof of CIG and RSI's moneymaking prowess but you may recall that Star Citizen's 3.3 release earned it in just four days. The release coincided with the game's anniversary and the release of the first explorable planet in Hurston, so we guess it was only fitting. 

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This brings Star Citizen's crowdfunding to a staggering sum of $208,763,731 at the time of writing this piece. Some very complex math equations on a calculator reveal that the game's 2,185,793 backers average $95 investments, although math may be misleading in this respect.

If you're interested in getting into some Star Citizen, you may want to refer to our piece first, before heading over to the page.

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