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Star Citizen previews Esperia Prowler, law system, customisation

Published: 07:30, 03 June 2019
Star Citizen - landing on a moon
Star Citizen Public Test Universe 3.3.5

Cloud Imperium Games have posted a video previewing Star Citizen's upcoming, and very promising if we may add, features, including the law system, the Esperia Prowler dropship and ship customisation, the last being just the first step.

Star Citizen systems designer Jake Muehle reminded that the Black Market economy relies on two type of goods - illicit and illegal/stolen goods.

The dev is "looking for stolen goods to have a specific kind of shopkeeper" with tweaked pricing, and are excited over the fact that possessing these goods can potentially get you into trouble. The added risk will, of course, be compensated in price.

CIG teased the Esperia Prowler dropship, albeit reminding that it will be coming at a later date, and we're looking at a 20-crew vehicle, not including the pilot and copilot.

Esperia Prowler comes with a bunch of doors on the sides for increased droppability, and the folding engines allow for increased manoeuvrability.

As for Star Citizen's new customisation options, players will get to change not only paint jobs, but practically everything you see, be it a dashboard, internal seat arrangements or even the seat seams. 

"This is manufacturer customisation. This is the sort of Star Citizen's equivalent of going to a car dealership", they wrote.

Much like you'd expect from an actual car brand, Origin offers specific stock packages that you can customise to a certain extent, although you can still tweak the heck out of it with aftermarket parts later. 

They're also aiming to add functionality to food and drink makers, which will tie into Star Citizen's stamina system. CIG is planning to add painted weapons too, so as to make sure your boomsticks match the colour of the ship.

Cloud Imperium Games ArcCorp, Star Citizen planet added in the 3.5 update Star Citizen, ArcCorp

CIG explained Tier 0 customisation in Star Citizen, which is the basic customisation that will soon be doable from the website. This also means that in the case of an insurance claim, vehicles will be reverting to the specific stock package they received when they got the vehicle.

You can learn more on Star Citizen's website .

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Star Citizen Public Test Universe 3.3.5

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