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You can have a go at Star Citien for free until 27 August 2018

Published: 15:11, 25 August 2018
Updated: 12:22, 18 September 2018
Cloud Imperium Games
A space ship mining a large rock in CIG's space sim Star Citizen
Star Citizen

Let's not mince words here - getting into Star Citizen has proven to be a risky affair, something that's still reliably keeping many players away from it. Now however, you can have a free go at CIG's space sim game until 27 August 2018.

Developer Roberts Space Industries (RSI) announced on their website that Star Citizen codes for Alpha 3.2 version are free from 24-27 August 2018, so taking their long awaited space sim for a spin should be a simple enough affair - login, use code, download, play.

The code grants you access to the full Star Citizen experience, meaning you can fly around as you please, dogfight, cause general mayhem and haul cargo or, as RSI suggests, "steal it". This includes access to Arena Commander, which is Star Citizen's dogfighting arena, and first person shooter Star Marine.

The free trial offer includes four ships - Dragonfly Black, Avenger Titan, Cutlass Black and MISC Prospector. The names hint at each ship's speciality so RSI suggests the Avenger for dogfights, MISC Prospector for mining operations, Cutlass Black for carrying or stealing cargo while the Dragonfly is apparently for those who like to "live dangerously".

That being said, it is my professional obligation to advise you on thinking twice before sinking in money into Star Citizen, for a plethora of reasons. Firstly, the game was started back in 2011 and was supposed to be done and dusted by 2014. Being a gaming journalist, I'm no stranger to delays and/or unfinished games, but four years of delays and an ongoing Alpha version is seriously pushing it.

Moreover, if you pay real money for Star Citizen, you better read and reread CIG's refund policy, which has been mangled to reflect the company's newly adopted and much stricter refunding rules. In short, if you don't ask for a refund in a few weeks time, which rarely anyone does while they're still awed by space stuff, your money is gone.

AltChar A meme making fun of Star Citizen's endless pledge requests Star Citizen

If you think I'm overreacting, you should know that Cloud Imperium Games denied a refund to a person who suffers from multiple sclerosis and who cannot physically play the game now that it's four years late and in a quite different form. So yeah, try it but do think twice before investing.

Star Citizen by Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games

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Star Citizen

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