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Star Citizen gets new search & rescue ship, ray tracing incoming

Published: 16:24, 18 February 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen's search and rescue ship, the Argo SRV in action
Star Citizen, Argo SRV in action

Roberts Space Industries have rolled out the latest addition to Star Citizen's ship line-up. Dubbed the Argo SRV, it's a search & rescue vessel that has a power hungry but pretty potent tractor beam that can easily carry much larger ships.

The ship is called Argo SRV, with the latter part obviously being an acronym of 'search and rescue'. We're talking about a one-man ship but it packs a punch where it needs to.

The punch we're referring to is Argo SRV's tractor beam, which is quite huge and power hungry too. Thankfully, it's got something to show for it as the beam boasts quite the reach.

Of course, Argo SRV's functionality will depend on the recipient's size and weight, the latter being affected by cargo as well, but RSI are planning its operating range to be around the Cutlass "up to perhaps the Constellation".

Argo SRV's beam is on the back and it was designed to be as flexible as possible, so that you can pull out anyone, from anywhere, as long as you can reach them. 

Thanks to the tractor beam's capacity, you can group a few Argo SRVs to carry much larger ships. Same goes the other way around - you can grab a few smaller ships with a single Argo SRV and drag them around with you.

RSI claim they've made great progress in character performance, which in practice means more characters possible on the screen without choking your system. 

The company recently gave a seminar to their squadron of artists on the utilisation of the assets they produce, which should ensure they produce optimum artwork right away, instead of returning and optimising it at a later date.

Last piece of info from RSI's Around the Verse video is about cities, which should look more populated in the future. The feature is still in the infant stage so patience is advised.

Cloud Imperium Games Star Citizen's search and rescue ship, the Argo SRV Star Citizen, Argo SRV

RSI are also looking at ray tracing, which is likely to be added at some point. Star Citizen's forum recently saw a few replies by Ben Parry, who said, "I expect, if we use it, it'll be a massive headache and time-sink but might give us some subtle improvements in looks or performance if we get it right."

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Star Citizen Public Test Universe 3.3.5

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