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Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 adds new planet, customisations and more

Published: 11:38, 18 April 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
ArcCorp, Star Citizen planet added in the 3.5 update
Star Citizen, ArcCorp

Cloud Imperium Games have rolled out Alpha 3.5 version of Star Citizen, and it's a big one, bringing a new planet called ArcCorp, along with its two moons, new missions, new weapons as well as a brand new character customisation system.

"ArcCorp has the distinction of being almost entirely developed and built on", which means just about every part of the planet is either for habitation, commercial or industrial use. 

"As such, a strict, low level no-fly zone is in place for protection, though many choose to construct their buildings taller than the zone in order to offer landing opportunities", CIG wrote.

ArcCorp's main landing zone is called Area 18, and it's the central hub for regional commerce. All in all, there will be plenty of new stuff for Star Citizen players to see and explore.

The two moons are Lyria, which is an icy affair packed with cryo-geysers and cryovolcanoes, and Wala, which is mostly about crystalline outcroppings.

ArcCorp also adds a new mission giver to Star Citizen - Tecia 'Twitch' Pacheco, a soldier turned freelancer that's enjoying her retirement dabbling in crime while doing so.

An even bigger change comes with the new flight model that promises more realism. "We've given the entire experience a top-to-bottom overhaul, maximizing pilot control and adding gravity to planets to achieve deeper and more realistic atmospheric flight", CIG said.

Star Citizen 3.5 brings the new DNA face customisation system, which lets you add playable female characters and adds additional detail to the character creation process.

CIG wrote that the blending of facial features now creates nearly infinite possibilities, which promises to be a blast when coupled with Star Citizen's graphics capabilities.

When it comes to ships, the dev listed MISC Reliant variants Tana, Sen and Mako, and Anvil FC-M Super Hornet Heartseeker. Also added automated gimbals, which automatically track targets in the front of the ship. 

Cloud Imperium Games Picture of a female character in Star Citizen Star Citizen

Star Citizen's arsenal has received a few additions too, like Gemini S71 assault rifle, Kastak Arms Coda pistol, as well as dry firing audio. 

As usual, the patch notes feature a bunch of smaller and not-so-smaller tweaks and changes, which you can check out in Star Citizen's 3.5 patch notes

Star Citizen images from Public Test Universe 3.3.5

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Star Citizen Public Test Universe 3.3.5

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