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Splash art and voice lines confirm Yone as the new League of Legends champion?

Published: 09:03, 08 July 2020
Updated: 09:10, 08 July 2020
A leak for the League of Legends champion Yone
Could this be Yone?

The previous speculations for Yone to become the new League of Legends champion seem to have come true according to the official voice lines for the new Thresh skin, alongside a couple of other hints.

Yone is probably the most popular character in the League of Legends lore that hasn't become a champion yet. Over the past couple of years, there were a lot of theories that he will end up becoming the new champion. Yone is an Ionian samurai, Yasuo's older brother by whom he was killed according to the official lore.

Thanks to some very recent leaks, it seems like the speculations will finally come to an end. Apparently, the new Spirit Blossom skin for Thresh has a voice line that triggers when he encounters a number of specific champions, including Yone.

A screenshot from League of Legends voice lines data Spirit Blossom Thresh - voice lines leak

Shortly after that, a random Yone splash art image that strongly resembles with Yasuo's Spirit Blossom appeared on a variety of League of Legends communities. It should be noted that the same series of events happened for the new champion Lillia before she was revealed.

But even it's all true, we're pretty sure that this won't be his official basic splash art since Riot have referred to him as the "masked assassin" numerous times so far. 

That is not the only clue Yasuo's new skin gave us. In the picture below you can clearly see that the reflection of Yasuo's sword differs from the actual thing, which could represent his "other half" which we will soon get to meet. Also, the sword looks very similar to the one Riot teased in their popular dev video which was released at the start of 2020.

Riot Games Spirit Blossom Yasuo splash art - League of Legends Spirit Blossom Yasuo

Luckily, we won't have to wait much longer to see if these leaks are true considering that the masked assassin is also said to be a part of this month's big Summer event.

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