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Spider-Man will look better on PlayStation 4 Pro, but both will be capped at 30FPS

Published: 16:31, 05 April 2018

Recent sneak peeks at Spider-Man have merely amplified the interest in Marvel's favourite web slinger and the game's creative director Bryan Intihar has sat down with Gameinformer to discuss what to expect when Spider-Man hits the shelves.

Unfortunately, most Spider-Man related information is still kept under wraps, most likely due to non disclosure agreements, but a few bits of information managed to trickle their way out of the interview.

When asked whether Spider-Man will be putting PlayStation 4 Pro's additional muscle to the test, Intihar said that even though it will look better on the Pro, frame rates are "locked at 30 in both cases".

Intihar noted that Spider-Man will have a "bunch of collectibles" and "too many alternate costumes". However, he added that Spidey won't be featuring micro-transactions.

Seeing as how Spider-Man is an open world game, Intihar was asked to compare the size of Spidey's New York City to that of Sunset Overdrive, one of his earlier excursions into open worldness. Intihar replied saying it's much bigger of course, adding that in-game New York City is in fact so big it can be considered a character of his own.

Even though the part where Intihar was asked to confirm the names of villains was promising, Gameinformer's informality prevented us from finding out anyone other than Kingpin and Mr. Negative.

Intihar did say that Spider-Man, Mary Jane and Peter Parker will all be playable throughout the game. However, don't expect any original characters, as in characters devised specifically for the game, because apparently, Spider-Man is dead set on following Marvel's pre-set roster.

Activision Spiderman standing on top of a building. Spider-Man 2 (2004, PS2, Xbox, GameCube)

Spider-Man will launch in Standard and Deluxe editions, where the Deluxe version comes with "new story chapters with our post-launch DLC series - Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps". The DLC will bring three new chapters with new characters and villains.

The game is on track for launch on 07 September 2018 but you may want to stay tuned for more because the real avalanche of Spider-Man related content is yet to start properly.

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