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Rumour: Bluepoint Games to remake several Metal Gear titles exclusively for PS5

Published: 14:13, 12 January 2021
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Metal Gear Solid 4

According to the latest rumours, the studio behind Demon's Souls remake, Bluepoint Games, are working on several Metal Gear titles, that will be coming exclusively to PlayStation 5.

Rumours about Metal Gear Solid Remake have been floating around the social media and gaming forums for several months now but despite the speculation, nothing has been officially announced, just yet. 

Today, we have another Metal Gear Solid Remake rumour, coming from well-known leaker KatharsisT over on ResetEra gaming forum. As always with these things, we suggest you take the info with a dose of scepticism, just like any other rumour or leak, that has not been verified or confirmed by official channels.

KatharsisT claims that the large-scale partnership between Sony and Konami is real and it also includes Bluepoint Games, the creators of Demon's Souls Remake. Apparently, Bluepoint games are currently hard at work on several Metal Gear Solid remakes, exclusively for PlayStation 5, which is a part of a long term plan to bring the series to the platform.  

Konami artwork showing Metal Gear Solid cover art Metal Gear Solid

Additionally, KatharsisT states in the same post that Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to arrive to PlayStation 5 and PC later this year. The insider did not mention Xbox Series X|S version. 

In case you are not familiar with the Sony-Konami partnership rumours, some industry insiders basically said that the two companies are currently working on several projects which also include Silent Hills. Last but not least, back in 2020, rumours stated that  Sony are also willing to purchase the Castlevania IP and work on a full reboot of the series.

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