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Sony said to have cut PlayStation 5 production by 4 million units

Published: 14:38, 15 September 2020
Updated: 07:09, 16 September 2020
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UPDATE: Sony have reached out to Games Industry to refute these claims, insisting that Bloomberg's sources are wrong and that they haven't changed the production numbers since the mass production started.

Original Piece:

Sony have had their fair share of issues due to the pandemic, starting from the development to the assembly process and rumour has it they've sliced their PS5 production a bit.

As reported by Bloomberg, Sony will be manufacturing 4 million PlayStation 5 units less than they originally intended, which has to do with the actual manufacturing process difficulties.

They cited their sources as saying that the issue stems from the custom-designed system-on-chip (SoC), and the term custom-designed is enough of a hint for where the difficulties arose. 

Apparently, the production yields dropped to as low as 50 per cent, prompting Sony to cut their expectations a bit short. 

That said, the yields are improving and there are signs that they'll continue to do so at an exponential rate, but that's not something the company is willing to bet on when it comes to meeting targets in the corporate domain. 

What this means is that Sony will produce 11 million PlayStation 5 units in the current fiscal year, which is still far more than the company's plan at the beginning of the year. 

In case you don't recall, the initial plan was to limit the production to 6 million units, but the pandemic and the resulting sharp increases in gaming time prompted them to increase it significantly. Unfortunately, the latest snag means they'll have to bring that number down a bit, but there will still be plenty of units on the shelves. 

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As for the shipping part, Niko analyst Daniel Ahmad reported that Sony have booked 60 flights from October to ship PS5 consoles to US retailers. It goes without saying that this is a more expensive option than shipping them by sea, but the company is dead serious about making time. 

You can find Bloomberg's piece here , while Ahmad's report can be found on his Twitter page .

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