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Sony: PlayStation 5 not delayed, on track for holiday 2020 launch

Published: 10:08, 18 March 2020
Updated: 13:29, 18 March 2020
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We've recently heard rumours that the ongoing coronavirus health crisis is likely to result in a delayed launch for Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles. Sony, however, insist that everything is fine and dandy for the time being.

As reported by market research firm DFC Intelligence, COVID-19 has already left a mark on the hardware production chain. They suspect that this is likely to lead to one or both of the systems being delayed , in short supply at launch or with higher initial pricing. 

Sony, on the other hand, claim the next-gen console plans are unaltered at the moment, as confirmed by the company's Benelux PR agency BAAS Amsterdam. 

It turns out that the Bonami game console museum in the Netherlands is setting up a PlayStation 5 Experience zone as planned. The museum's new exhibit is set to receive one of the first PS5 units out there, and according to them - there has been no mention of delays. 

"Our museum will receive PS5 as one of the first in the Netherlands. We are already preparing for this so that visitors can experience the differences between the PS4 and PS5 for themselves",  Bonami's owner John Groenewold told LetsGoDigital

That's not to say that the museum will miss out on the Xbox Series X, as they confirmed they'll have something fun in store for the green team, the details of which will be announced at a later date. 

AltChar artwork showing PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Microsoft have already demonstrated the power of their next-gen offering, while PlayStation 5's underlying architecture is headed for a deep dive with lead architect Mark Cerny later today. We're talking about 9am PT, which is 5pm CET if you're in Europe. 

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