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Xbox Series X team excited to see UE5 on "world's most powerful console"

Published: 16:18, 15 May 2020
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Epic Games' demo of Unreal Engine 5 on Sony's PlayStation 5 has made quite the splash, prompting the Xbox Series X team to react and remind everyone of who's who.

Anyone who's ever witnessed a properly passionate exchange of, ahem, information between Xbox and PlayStation fans could've seen it coming. 

Epic's demo was absolutely splendid, as tech demos tend to be by the way, but the old demons were awakened, and the X vs. PS discussion began.

The discussion of whether Xbox Series X is capable of what PlayStation 5 churned out on the video above eventually reached the highest echelons of their team. 

Phil Spencer tweeted how many of their studios use Unreal Engine, and how he's excited to see what Epic's engine brings to the table in its next iteration. 

Xbox's general manager of games marketing Aaron Greenberg, on the other hand, took a much more direct approach, reminding everyone of who's ahead in the numbers game. 

"Super impressive and can only imagine what the new Unreal 5 Engine will look like on the world’s most powerful console. #XGonGiveItToYa", he wrote in response to Spencer's tweet. 

Indeed, when it comes to numbers, Xbox Series X is likely to come out on top, as its hardware capabilities exceed what Sony are offering. That said, having a hardware advantage is no guarantee of success as both companies learned along the way. 

GeekWire Phil Spencer at xbox event Phil Spencer

Thankfully for Microsoft, they're well equipped for this round of console wars as they've got quite a few studios under the Xbox Game Studios banner. 

Moving on beyond their in-house titles, they listed more than 140 studios working on next-gen games for Xbox Series X, which definitely bodes well for the future.

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