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PS3 and PS Vita store functionality to remain operational

Published: 00:40, 20 April 2021
PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 owners saw some news no one liked recently but thankfully, it appears Sony decided to backpedal on that decision.

PS3 and PS Vita were scheduled for the chopping block when it comes to the ability to use the PSN store. Sony decided their time had passed and to cut the option of obtaining digital games on these platforms, which would destroy a large portion of their functionality.

Naturally, the fans were not happy to hear this. We are at a point where PS3 was two generations ago but that doesn't mean the owners are ready to lose the console's functionality to obtain and run games they may have not acquired by now.

The fans' outcry was loud enough for the Sony shot callers to take notice apparently, as Jim Ryan posted a notice on April 19, 2021, stating that they heard the community and decided to backtrack on the previous decision. 

This bit of news is fantastic for PS3 and PS Vita owners but those with PSPs in their hands will not be so lucky. The support for this handheld will conclude on July 2, 2021, as previously planned.

That said, the console has had a good run with a decade and a half under its belt. Vita was on track to get slashed just nine years after the launch.

While the store doom has been postponed for Vita and PS3, it remains to be seen how long Sony will keep this course and if the longevity of these consoles will reach that of the PSP.

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