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Analysts claim Xbox Series X will cost $400 so as to hurt Sony

Published: 22:18, 11 May 2020
Xbox Series X console and controller
Xbox Series X

In the last episode of the Bonus Round podcast with Geoff Keighley, industry analysts Michael Pachter and Peter Moore estimated that Xbox Series X will launch priced at just $400.

Sony and Microsoft have been dead silent when it comes to the price tag on their next-gen offerings, leaving everyone else to speculate what those might be.

Pachter, Wedbush Securities analyst, and Moore, former EA and Microsoft executive, chiefly agreed on one thing - Microsoft is better positioned for success at the moment.

"From what I've seen, Sony's gonna have to charge $500 for the PS5 and Microsoft has a big balance sheet", Pachter said. 

He went on saying that Microsoft are likely to wait for Sony to make the first move, because they can afford to eat up more losses than the PlayStation maker.

"If they wanna cut the price by $100 - just price below [PS5] and subsidise the first 10 million [units] - they will. So, I think that they're waiting to have Sony blink first and then they'll reveal the price", adding, "Very likely $400."

Moore agreed and said it all boils down to who can afford to lose more money in the initial period, and what options do they have to recoup it.

"Microsoft right now - the stock price, the market cap - everything’s flying for them," he added. "Does Satya [Nadella, Microsoft CEO] say, you know, this is our opportunity right now, as we did with Xbox 360, let;s get in, let's price it right?", he said.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Optimized logo Xbox Series X - You'll see it a lot, Microsoft promised

Microsoft have come a long way from The Price Heard Around the World, and one must say that launching the Xbox Series X at $400 would go a long way towards giving Sony the hurt back with interest. 

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