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PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility in focus after Xbox Series X

Published: 09:19, 29 May 2020
artwork showing DualSense controller for ps5

After the announcement of Xbox Series X's backwards compatibility, all eyes shifted to Sony and PlayStation 5, who have actually been quite vocal about it.

We found it peculiar that users on Reddit went hunting for leaks, allegedly finding on on PS5's Iceland page. The page has since been removed, but it reportedly said it will support PS4 games with a system update. 

The reason we found it peculiar is because, the console's lead architect Mark Cerny discussed this at length and promised that "almost all" top 100 PS titles will be supported by PS5 right out of the gate. 

Ensuring compatibility with earlier generations of any hardware can be a really tricky task, which explains why earlier consoles had trouble with it. 

In layman's turns - if you sync your game's operation to a CPU's clock, guess what happens when that clock doubles? You can imagine the sort of ripples this would make throughout the rest of the system. 

"Achieving this unification of functionality took years of effort by AMD, as any roadmap advancement creates a potential divergence in logic", Cerny said at the time.

He stressed that backwards compatibility is native to PlayStation 5 consoles and can't be scaled down or cut due to costs. Granted, he mentioned that a few titles could need a bit of special attention to ensure flawless operation, but native means native. 

Sony Closeup photo of Sony PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3

In fact, Sony filed two patents that suggested they're gunning for backwards compatibility. While they didn't have PlayStation 5 included in the wording, Mark Cerny's name is enough of a guarantee it's Sony's next-gen console we're talking about here. 

So, Sony fans, no need to worry - PS5 was there way before Xbox Series X. Just don't get us started on PS3. 

PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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