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Sony have trademarked Knack in Japan

Published: 07:36, 28 March 2022
Knack screenshot
Knack screenshot

Sony have officially filed a trademark for Knack in Japan on March 17. The trademark appeared in the database today. 

It looks like the Knack franchise could be coming back after many years without a release. According to  the trademark watch website , Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) have officially filed a trademark for Knack a couple of weeks ago, on Match 17, 2022.

The trademark details have not been published until today, Monday, March 28, 2022, when the trademark appeared on the website with the filing and publication date info as well as tags like video game consoles, video games that can be installed or downloaded and other terms that are usually found under video game trademarks descriptions.

Knack was not received well back in 2013 when it was released, scoring only 54 out of 100 on Metacritic, which is considered a disaster for a PlayStation exclusive. Its sequel, Knack 2 also didn't do well, reaching only 69 out of 100 on Metacritic. However, it seems that Sony see the potential in this title and want to expand their portfolio of platform games.

Sony Knack 2 screenshot showing combat Knack 2

At the time of writing, Sony are yet to officially confirm their plans for the revival of Knack but if they really intend to do that, then we could perhaps hear about the game sometime this year, at PlayStation Games Showcase event.


Knack was developed by now closed Japan Studio and directed by none other than Mark Cerny, a lead architect on Sony's PlayStation 5 console. It's a beat em up title, following a character named Knack who battles through linear levels and solves puzzles along the way. 

It can be compared to Crash Bandicoot in terms of style but it never really reach the heights of this, now Microsoft-owned franchise. 

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