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Sony are reportedly opening a new studio in Japan

Published: 07:50, 02 September 2021
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Sony are in the process of building a new studio in Japan to work on AAA games. According to rumours, Sony want this studio to create big hits and have hired veteran devs from Capcom and Square Enix.

PlayStation insider who accurately revealed Sony's acquisition of Housemarque studio claims that Sony are opening a brand new studio. The studio would reportedly be set in Japan and Sony have been working on this since early 2020, when they planned to shut down the Japan Studio.

According to the insider, this brand new studio would work on major, big-budget AAA games. Apparently, it's Sony's response to Microsoft's Santa Monica-based The Initiative, a studio that is made of industry veterans and is currently working on the Perfect Dark reboot.

Sony want the studio to make games that will become big hits both in Japan as well as worldwide. To achieve this, they are hiring veteran developers from Capcom's Resident Evil team, developers from Square Enix and Konami.  

As always with leaks and rumours, we suggest you take everything you've just read with a huge grain of salt. Of course, it's possible that Sony are currently staffing for their new Japan studio but at the same time, it does not make a lot of sense since they've shut down Sony Japan Studio recently. Would it be smarter to just expand the studio or rebrand it? To us, that does seem like a more logical decision but who knows, perhaps there's a perfect explanation for this move.

Hopefully, we'll get it in the coming months. 

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