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Sony announce PlayStation Classic with 20 games preloaded

Published: 08:00, 19 September 2018
Updated: 09:32, 19 September 2018
A hand holding Sony's PlayStation Classic
PlayStation Classic

Sony have just announced that their first console is making a comeback in a much smaller form factor. Dubbed the PlayStation Classic, this trip down memory lane comes with 20 preloaded games, including Tekken 3 and Final Fantasy VII.

The company says that the little guy is somewhere around 45 per cent smaller than the original PlayStation, despite packing the same punch. Granted, that punch isn't worth the same now as it did back then, but we all remember the gems that the first PlayStation provided us with. The little guy supports 720p and 480p output.

Sony say that PlayStation Classic will come with 20 preloaded titles, although the website currently lists only five. The biggest heavy hitters are fan favourites Final Fantasy VII and Tekken 3, the latter being one of my all-time favourites too. Also confirmed are Ridge Racer Type 4, Wild Arms and Jumping Flash!.

PlayStation Classic is expected to be available on 03 December 2018, although preorders are currently reserved for North America only, i.e. US and Canada. We're not sure whether this courtesy will extend to distribution as well but it's likely that the rest of the world will want a taste of one of the gaming icons and certainly defining pieces of gaming history.

The suggested price of $100 or $130 in Canadian dollars buys you the console, HDMI cable, USB power cable and two joysticks, with the AC adaptor sold separately. Also, I suppose these are the versions of joysticks that were improved on the later PS versions, because we all know how flaky the first joysticks were. I mean, they couldn't even handle being thrown at a brick wall, sheesh - made of glass I tell ya!

Sony PlayStation Classic package contents, console, joysticks and cables PlayStation Classic, the whole $99 shebang

At the same time, Nintendo may find that their pricing for SNES Classic has to go down, even if it's only slightly, because Sony is offering a wildly superior device that costs only $20 more. Perhaps shaving $10 off of the price would make the pricing a bit more realistic, since NES Classic would go for $60, SNES for $70, while PlayStation Classic would remain at $100. And we all know who's who's daddy here.

You can find the official PlayStation Classic announcement or check out more screenshots in our gallery below.

PlayStation Classic, Sony's blast from the past in new clothing

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
PlayStation Classic packaging

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