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Sony aggressively pushing GaaS model; two new live-service games to launch in FY22

Published: 07:29, 26 May 2022
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Sony have two unannounced live-service games in the works that are scheduled to launch in the fiscal year 2022, the company confirmed in their latest Business briefing.

Sony have once again spent a lot of time talking about how their new PlayStation games roadmap is packed with GaaS titles, which the company sees as key to continue growing their first-party monetisation. 

During the latest Business Briefing for games and services, Sony confirmed they will have a total of 12 live-service games by FY25 (the fiscal year 2023). Interestingly, the Japanese tech giant also revealed that two new live-service games will be released in FY22.

Sony Sony plan to have 12 live service games by FY25 Sony plan to have 12 live service games by FY25

Both of these titles are still unannounced, so expect to hear about them very very soon, given that the fiscal year 2022 is ending on March 31, 2023, in Japan. Sony are almost certain to host a big PlayStation showcase this year, although, it's unclear when exactly that might happen.

Some insiders suggest that September is probably the month for the biggest show while June could be reserved for a smaller event.

Anyway, Sony's focus on live-service games is not surprising at all since PlayStation players alone are not enough to satisfy the company's needs anymore. That's why PlayStation games are rolling out on PC and the majority of new live-service games are also expected to launch day one on the PC platform.

Sony recently confirmed that their goal is to start becoming more multiplatform in the coming years and according to the Bussines briefing document, by FY25, half of Sony's releases will be on PC and mobile too. 

Sony Sony are aggressively pushing towards multiplatform releases Sony are aggressively pushing towards multiplatform releases

All in all, we would definitely say that this are great news since locking your games down to a single platform would not work forever, especially with the focus on live-service games, which should be available to a large number of players. 

That's why Microsoft decided to start porting their games and services to PC several years ago and it does seem like Sony are following the same pattern. 

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