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Future PlayStation exclusives could become multiplatform

Published: 13:49, 19 May 2022
The Last of Us Part II
The Last of Us Part II

PlayStation won't be releasing all of their big games on other platforms, though. 

PlayStation is expanding to more platforms and they're not even trying to hide it anymore. The acquisition of PC port specialists Nixxes, the release of their exclusives on PC and now, the Bungie acquisition, all point to the notion that Sony are serious about making their games multiplatform since that's where the big money is.

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida even said recently  that the acquisition of Bungie will help the Japanese tech giant push for a leading role in the new metaverse trend, improve many of their upcoming live service games and ultimately become a multiplatform publisher.

Now, does this mean every single PlayStation first-party game will come to PC? Perhaps, perhaps not, but Sony are serious with their plan and our guess would be that after a couple of years, we will be seeing the majority of PlayStation games on other platforms on day one.

SONY A white Sony PlayStation logo on a black background PlayStation

This mainly includes live service games and Sony have a lot of these scheduled to release in the coming years. That's why the acquisition of Bungie is of great importance for the Japanese publisher. Their experience with the live service genre will certainly help PlayStation and their studios deliver quality multiplayer titles, which is something that Sony have been lacking over the last generation of consoles. 

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