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Sonic Colours: Ultimate races onto console and PC

Published: 13:54, 07 September 2021
Sonic Colours Ultimate is now live on consoles and PC
Sonic Colours Ultimate is now live on consoles and PC

Sonic Colours: Ultimate, the updated version of the classic Nintendo Wii platformer is now live for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate has crossed the finish line and is finally available in the e-stores for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch as well as PC. The classic Nintendo Wii platformer got a fresh coat of paint,  improved graphics, additional features and the new "Rival Rush" mode.

A digital copy of Sonic Colours: Ultimate will be hitting the storefronts today. Players who'd like to purchase a physical version will have to wait a bit longer.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate story

Dr Eggman is using an alien race known as the "Wisps" to run his interstellar amusement park and Sonic is the only one who can save them. The blue blur will have to use his unmatched speed to save the little aliens and they'll, in turn, help by granting him special abilities.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate features
  • Interstellar amusement park's themed levels: the Sweet Mountain is filled with all kinds of sweets, the Aquarium Park boasts a bunch of pools filled with sea creatures.
  • Wisp Power-Ups: Sonic improves his skills by harnessing the powers of the Wisps. These can be used to defeat enemies as well as uncover secrets. 
    • White Wisp - Fills the boost gauge and accelerates to super speed. Obstacles and opponents in the way are destroyed.
    • Cyan Wisp - Turns Sonic into a powerful cyan laser so that it moves at lightning speed and zaps through enemies.
    • Jade Wisp - Transforms Sonic into a Jade ghost who can fly around and pierce solid objects to find hidden areas.
    • Pink Wisp - Turns Sonic into a pink spike that can roll up walls and ceilings and attack enemies.
    • Green Wisp - Turns Sonic into a green hover shape to reach higher elevations so he can float past treacherous obstacles.
    • Orange Wisp - Transforms Sonic into an orange rocket that whizzes high into the air and reaches unparalleled heights.
    • Blue Wisp - Swap blue rings and blue blocks to open new routes. Turns Sonic into a blue cube that he can trample opponents as he can.
    • Yellow Wisp - Turns Sonic into a yellow drill. It can dig itself into the ground or speed through the water.
    • Purple Wisp - Puts Sonic into a hungry purple high, and he devours everything that gets in his way.
  • HD Updates - New HD updates, 60 FPS, revised lighting, improved graphics and 4K resolution.
  • Park Coins & Customizations - Park Coins can be used in the store to unlock unique Boosts, Auras, Shoes, and Gloves for Sonic.
  • Customizable controls.
  • Tails Save - Find a Tails Save and get to safety.
  • 100 Count Ring - Collect a 100 count ring to temporarily become invincible and increase your score after each level.
  • Music - Completely remixed soundtrack.
  • "Rival-Rush" mode: Test your skills against Metal-Sonic. 
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