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Sonic Twitter mocks EA's surprise mechanics loot box claim

Published: 09:37, 20 June 2019
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Sonic Mania

EA recently claimed that they don't sell loot boxes in their games, instead, they choose to call them surprise mechanics, similar to those found in Kinder Surprise. Sonic Twitter found this claim hilarious and decided to mock the publisher.

Recently, UK Parliament’s Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee asked several video game industry members questions regarding the implementation and ethics behind loot boxes. EA's Kerry Hopkins stole the show with her claim that the company doesn't call them loot boxes, instead, it uses the term "surprise mechanics", similar to surprise toys that can be found in products such as Kinder Eggs, LOL Surprise dolls and others. 

Of course, the internet already started with memes and jokes mocking Hopkins' ridiculous statement and the official Twitter account of Sonic the Hedgehog joined the party with their own, creative way to mock EA.

In a tweet, Sonic Twitter wrote that they are announcing new surprise mechanics for Sonic Horses, with SonicBuxx and Gaggle of Surprises package. And as an ultimate "ba dum tss" moment, Sonic Twitter wrapped up the joke with a dig at EA's comments on loot box ethics.

"Hi everyone - we are pleased to announce new Surprise Mechanics for Sonic Horses! You can now buy a Surprise for only 5 SonicBuxx™, or our new Gaggle of Surprises package for 200 SonicBuxx™! Don't worry - our treatment of these Tiny Horses is entirely ethical," Sonic Twitter wrote.

A hilarious mock at EA indeed, but some Twitter users were left confused by the "announcement" while others joined in and bashed EA's statement even further with more memes and jokes.

While Sonic Twitter may take the first round, EA's could make a return with their own mock at the upcoming Sonic film, which, as you may know, was also subject of a huge backlash due to Sonic's looks, which ultimately led to complete redesign of the character.

AltChar A wooden crate against a blue background with AltChar logo watermark AltChar: Loot Box

You can find the tweet and a bunch of hilarious replies on Sonic's official . For more about EA's loot boxes defence, read our .

Sonic Mania

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