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SNK ready to unleash NEOGEO Mini with 40 classic games

Published: 13:07, 10 May 2018
Overseas color scheme of SNK's NEOGEO Mini console
NEOGEO Mini, overseas color scheme

Nintendo's latest successes in mining the deepest depths of nostalgia cash mines seem to have opened the floodgates with Sega and now SNK following suit. Nevertheless, neither of the two even come close to SNK's ace in the style department.

NEOGEO Mini comes with a 3.5 inch LCD display and can fit in your palm. It weighs in at 600g though, so it's obviously not intended to be held in your hands while played. You know, just in case the shape didn't give it away.

SNK's new-old device comes with an HDMI port, in case you find yourself craving for a more comfortable view. There are also ports for additional controllers, for the same scenarios.

The company said NEOGEO Mini will feature 40 classic games, although they didn't reveal much else. Earlier leaks, however, suggest that we'll be seeing the usual suspects like King of Fighters '98, Real Bout 2, Metal Slug, etc.

The console accurately mimics its bigger brother and predecessor NEOGEO, which launched in Japan in 1990. There will be two versions, albeit the difference is purely cosmetic.

Japanese NEOGEO Minis will come with a black, white and red colour scheme, whereas the overseas version will feature more subdued scheme of black, blue and white. I happen to lean towards the overseas version but I won't pretend like the Japanese is lagging behind much.

There's no word on pricing but if SNK play their cards right, they may have a real hit on their hands. To be fair though, once you ignore their similarities in flogging nostalgiaware for a moment, any comparisons between the and NEOGEO Mini are pointless, if not downright unfair. Needless to say, NEOGEO will be much pricier.

SNK Japanese color scheme for SNK's NEOGEO Mini console NEOGEO Mini, Japanese market color scheme

Mining nostalgia dollars is by no means a new practice but we must admit SNK seems to be pulling it off in style. I'm no stranger to firing up an ancient game and giving it a spin but these sessions are too few and far between to warrant a purchase of a dedicated device.

Until now, that is, because I'm fairly confident I've just fallen in love. Twice.

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