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Sniper Elite announced for Switch with exclusive features

Published: 01:01, 18 September 2020
Sniper Elite on Nintendo Switch
Sniper Elite on Nintendo Switch

Rebellion had their spot at the latest Nintendo Direct as their signature series is getting another addition on Nintendo Switch with Sniper Elite 4.

Sniper Elite series won many awards and accolades over the years of its existence so it's not particularly weird to see the developers trying to cover all the possible platforms with it. Nintendo Switch already had several entries from the series but the latest one is Sniper Elite 4.

That said, the game hasn't been released in a surprise announcement but both Nintendo and Rebellion confirmed a port is in the works. While there is no official release date yet, the game is coming to Switch "later this year" so a holiday season release is not out of the question. Fans will be able to get either boxed or digital version.

Those unfamiliar with the series will likely be glad to know more about the game before deciding to purchase it or not. While we don't have a review on hand, we can offer a brief overview of the features.

Sniper Elite 4 is another stealth action title where each sniper shot can have several modifiers tailored to emulate a real-life long-range shot. This means both wind and gravity will affect the bullet's trajectory but there are some crutches to help players who are not looking for a hardcore challenge.

Those who do go for mastering the sniper rifle will feel rewarded with all slow-mo X-ray showings of their shots as the game showcases the various head and nut shots.

Nintendo Switch will have some exclusive features but these don't pertain to content. It's quality of life stuff such as motion aim with gyroscopic controls, HD rumble support and Pro Controller support for that extra edge.

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