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Rebellion to reveal their new major title on E3 2019

Published: 14:47, 31 May 2019
artwork showing a shot from sniper elite, evel genius 2 and secret game
Rebellion on E3 2019

UK based developer Rebellion are coming to E3 2019 with three new titles it's been officially confirmed by the studio in the latest press release. Rebellion will show Sniper Elite VR, Evil Genius 2 and brand new, yet unannounced title.

Creators of Sniper Elite series and Strange Brigade - the UK based studio Rebellion - are gearing up for the world's biggest gaming expo - E3 2019 - with three new titles. The developer will talk about some of their already announced games but are also ready to show their brand new, major title to the world.

One of the games that we already know about is Evil Genius 2, which was announced last year. On this year's E3, Rebellion plan to show the world-domination sim to press for the first time ever and players will also get some new details during the show. A special debut trailer for the game will be unveiled during the PC Gaming Show, on 10 June 2019.

The second known game is Sniper Elite VR, Rebellion's standalone Sniper Elite game for VR devices, which is being developed in collab with Oddworld series developer Just Add Water. Rebellion plan to show the game for the first time and allow the press to go hands-on with it during the show.

As for the mysterious, yet unannounced title, the developer only said that the game is coming to consoles and PC and it will be officially unveiled during the PC Gaming Show, which can be watched on Twitch starting 10:00 AM PDT, 6:00 PM BST.

At the moment, there's nothing to suggest what Rebellion's new major game could be. We wouldn't mind a new Rogue Tropper game or new Aliens vs Predator title, only this time we would expect a much better game than the one from 2010.

Rebellion Picture of the Sniper Elite protagonist aiming his rifle Sniper Elite V2

Rebellion has a lot of other games in their catalogue including Zombie Army Trilogy, Shellshock, Medal of Honor and more but it's unlikely that one of these makes an appearance on E3 2019. Our bet would be on brand new IP, but that's just a wild guess.

Fortunately, we won't have to wait too long for the reveal as the show is just around the corner now.

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