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Sniper Elite 3 has launched on Switch

Published: 19:07, 01 October 2019
Rebellion Developments
Sniper Elite 4 character aiming a sniper rifle
Sniper Elite 4

Rebellion Developments launched Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition on Nintendo Switch, complete with fancy DLC and some features exclusive to the platform.

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition is the complete package of Karl Fairburne's adventures that came gradually over time for other platforms. Nintendo Switch players will get it all in one go, including the four extra campaign levels where the OSS agent has to prevent the murder of Winston Churchill himself.

Babysitting is not the only job players will get here though as there are also the offence-focused ones as Fairburne embarks on a mission to kill the big bad moustache as well. This mission is particularly replayable with many different and creative ways to murder the Führer, including nut shots.

Besides taking time with big names from World War 2, the additional content packed with Ultimate Edition includes new weapons, competitive multiplayer maps, Twilight Strike co-op mission and weapon-specific challenges at the shooting range.

Furthermore, there are some features exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. Players will be able to have local multiplayer sessions which is not possible with other platforms. This includes local co-op that can span an entire campaign. Overwatch and Survival modes also feature this co-op while up to four players will be able to duke it out in local competitive multiplayer without having to go online.

Rebellion Picture of Adolf Hitler about to be killed by a shot from a sniper rifle. A shot to the chest is not a creative way to end Hitler but it's effective

Motion controls will be present as well and players will be able to fine-tune their aiming with gyroscope controls and feel bullet impacts from the rumble.

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