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Skyrim Together multiplayer mod is soon entering closed beta

Published: 19:35, 22 January 2019
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Skyrim Together

Ambitious mod for Skyrim is nearing its completion and will soon enter closed beta tests, modders have revealed. The closed beta will be available only to Patreon backers who will get the chance to try the eight-player cooperative mode.

The developers behind Skyrim: Together, a multiplayer mod for Bethesda's RPG have announced that their project will enter closed beta very soon with a full release coming at a later date.

The closed beta will be available to those who backed the project on Patreon and it will be used to "measure traffic, apply emergency fixes and stability". The Together Team said that there is no specific release date of either the closed or open beta and they will share more info a week or two before Skyrim Together is ready to go public.

However, the modders have confirmed the features which will be available in both betas. The biggest one would probably be the Factions and Bounties. Along with that players will get shared containers and item dropping option.

The mod is currently hard capped at eight players per session but the modders promised to investigate if the number can be increased without breaking the game.

Skyrim Together has its own servers which are currently located in Europe and additional servers will be added to help with the influx of new players from all over the world. Once the player count rises, the modders will determine additional server locations.

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Unlike other Skyrim mods, this one won't be available on Steam Workshop and it will have its own launcher. The problem with Skyrim Together is that it requires to be in the same folder as Skyrim. It's different from other mods which go straight into the mods folder.

The developers asked Bethesda for approval but they refused to grant it a special treatment. However, Bethesda were quite impressed with the mod and praised The Together Team for "outstanding accomplishment" and "impressive effort".

Once beta is ready, the modders will release a downloadable launcher which will keep the mod up to date. Both launcher and mod are pretty compact and will weight roughly 200MB.

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