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Sky Pirates is coming back to Guild Wars 2 next week

Published: 10:09, 19 May 2022
Guild Wars 2 - Old Lion's Arch
Guild Wars 2 - Old Lion's Arch

Guilld Wars 2 players will have the opportunity to relive some of the older stories in the game when Lion's Arch comes back in its full glory.

One of the most controversial things that happened in Guild Wars 2 's history was the destruction of Lion's Arch and its rebuilding into a glorified Quaggan theme park. What was once a bustling pirate-themed city was first burned down and then rebuilt into something that could never compare to the old version.

The chain of these unfortunate events began with Scarlet Briar's invasion which was in the centre of the first Living World arc in the game and as such, the return of these older episodes will also allow players to witness Lion's Arch as it once was.

Sky Pirates episode is coming back on May 24, 2022, at which point you can visit the old LA that you can currently glimpse during the personal story, albeit with a depressive shader that turns saturation down for some reason. The returning LA, however, will look the way it was before.

Besides the historic city, the players will also get to meet characters that later became essential parts of the Commander's journey. Mai Trin was mostly absent for a long time until she resurfaced in End of Dragons. Sky Pirates will provide more context on why she was an important character and how Dragon's Watch already knew about her, letting newer finally experience the full Living World stories instead of just listening to Ela Makkay's account of the events.

This is also where we meet Marjorie for the first time so the episode is undoubtedly going to be a big deal for many a player.

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