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Sharpshooter makes her way to Torchlight III

Published: 00:19, 26 March 2020
Echtra Inc
Torchlight III - The Sharpshooter
Torchlight III - The Sharpshooter

Torchlight III has not been released yet but news about one of the classes, the Sharpshooter, offered more insight into what the ranged damage dealing will look like once the game comes around.

Echtra folks seem to prove that third time is the charm as designing the Sharpshooter took two rounds of concepts before the third one yielded what turned out to be the final look for the character.

As the name suggests, the Sharpshooter will prefer to keep her distance from the enemies while raining down pain on groups or isolated targets alike. The abilities the developers shared point to having abilities that excel at dealing both AoE and single-target damage.

For example, Scatter Shot is a charged ability that deals damage to all enemies in a cone. Holding the button down increases the damage over time. On the other hand, Targeted Strikes fires three projectiles, with each subsequent one dealing more damage if it hits the same target.

Heart Seeker will be an ability that helps the Sharpshooter keep the enemies at bay as it will knock them away while also dealing damage and causing enemies to bleed.

Besides the regular shooting and arrow chucking, The Sharpshooter can also summon ancient spirits. Scout's Bones summons a Katamari ball of rats that rolls around and deals damage to all enemies in its path.

Sacrifice to Goose is misleading since "Goose" is actually the name of an eagle whose spirit the player will be summoning. It will deal damage and leave the enemies weakened.

Loyal Shasta brings forth the spirit of Sharpshooter's faithful wolf, Shasta, who will attack enemies to deal the equivalent of the player's weapon damage while also taunting them to stay away from the ranged damage dealer.

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