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Seven new weapon types are in the works for New World

Published: 04:10, 15 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World - New enemies
New World - New enemies

Amazon Game Studios kicked off New World with a pretty good arsenal of toys for players but they are working hard on expanding it.

New World already has a pile of weapons that let the players choose their playstyle, whether it's the sturdy frontline that can tank or deal damage or someone for the backline, like a squishy glass cannon or a chunky healer. While there are many offerings for the players, AGS are actively working on expanding that arsenal and almost doubling it.

While we are already aware of the Void Gauntlet that's currently being tested on the PTR, data mining revealed a total of seven new weapons that are still in the works. These include club, greatclub, greatsword, pistols, daggers, blunderbuss and celestial gauntlets.

Out of the bunch, greatsword had the least mentions so it's probably going to be the last to come. Meanwhile, the blunderbuss seems to be the furthest into development as it's the only weapon in the group that already has skill and talent icons, on top of the strings that describe various tiers and functions of some of these armaments.

Clubs are going to be blunt weapons capable of flurry attacks while daggers can be used for fast attacks in close range or be thrown at mid-range, not unlike the hatchet. Celestial gauntlets will be another tool for the healers as they can apparently summon magical restorative forces. 

Amazon Game Studios New World - Void Gauntlet Void Gauntlet is coming with the next patch

Unfortunately, the other strings don't describe how the weapons will behave so we still don't know the combat style for the greatclub, greatsword and pistols.

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