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Sega's new mobile RPG teaser trailer is not sitting well with fans

Published: 13:04, 17 September 2021
Sega's new mobile RPG
Sega's new mobile RPG

Sega just teased an upcoming RPG title headed to mobile. The fans who expected a Project Re: Fantasy announcement were left disappointed.

Do you guys not have phones? 2: Electric Boogaloo brought to you by Sega. The video game developer has started testing out their upcoming mobile RPG today and the Internet is not having it.

The news of a big new RPG announcement first broke yesterday and the fans immediately took to speculating about what new adventure Sega is planning for the eager masses. Dreams of the long-awaited Project Re: Fantasy were bravely articulated by fans, but the reality turned out to be somewhat of a nightmare.

The excitement disappeared and quickly transformed into a blind fury when a fresh teaser trailer for the "new RPG" popped up on Sega's YouTube channel this morning. 

Sega's mobile RPG teaser trailer

The new teaser trailer already has 723 dislikes against 256 likes (at the time of writing) mere hours after it's been uploaded to the popular platform. We can't hope the video will reach the height of the aversion set by the now infamous official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal trailer, but Sega should take the hint from this all the same.

Sega's latest RPG will get a full reveal at the Tokyo Game Show 202 Online on October 1, 2021.

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