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Scalpers are already selling Steam Deck for absurd prices

Published: 19:07, 17 July 2021
Steam Deck Scalpers are asking for too much money
Steam Deck Scalpers are asking for too much money

Despite Valve's attempts to stop scalpers from getting their hands on Steam Deck, eBay and other online shopping sites are crammed with the new handheld, which is selling for ridiculous amounts of money.

Valve had a great idea that would prevent scalpers from pre-ordering their newly announced handheld device Steam Deck. The company did not allow new accounts to place any orders, only those who created their account before the month of June got the option to reserve their unit.

However, it looks like that did not stop people from buying the device only to put the order confirmation screenshot on eBay and try to sell for crazy amounts of money.

The online shopping site is packed with Steam Deck devices selling at $1,600 and even more. The most popular model seems to be the the one with 512 GB of storage but other ones can also be found for more than double of the original price.

eBay Scalpers want big money for Steam Deck Scalpers want big money for Steam Deck

The regular pricing for Steam Deck is $399 for the 64GB version, $529 for the 256GB version and $649 for the 512GB version.

So yeah, it's safe to say that some of these listings on eBay are a bit excessive. Hopefully, Valve will come up with a solution next time when they open the pre-orders on Steam. Otherwise, we'll get another PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X situation where the console will be out of stock for months thanks to Scalpers' bots.

Steam Deck is expected to start shipping in December 2021. For more Steam Deck news, check out some unofficial pre-order numbers.

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