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PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale April Fool's event details

Published: 12:50, 31 March 2020
Updated: 12:52, 31 March 2020
PUBG Corporation
PUBG Fantasy BR
PUBG Fantasy BR

PUBG Corporation is throwing a fantastic April Fool's event in PUBG. Titled PUBG Fantasy Battle Royale, the event will feature four classes: Barbarian, Ranger, Wizard and Paladin, along with some armour and item crafting.

PUBG's dev team understands the need for some silly fun during this time and so they've devised an April Fool's event for everyone to enjoy from 1 April at 7:00 a.m. until 7 April at 6:59 p.m. All rewards associated with the April Fool's event can be earned through gameplay, so there will be no purchases required.  

The first set of rewards can be acquired through special event missions, either directly or purchased with the "gold" that the missions give. These rewards can also be purchased in the regular shop if you have some extra income and choose not to participate in the event.

The other set of rewards can only be purchased with BP and there will be an option to convert your extra "gold" into BP to help acquire these.

Fantasy Battle Royale

Fantasy Battle Royale is an optional event mode that lets you choose from one of four fantasy classes to take on the Battlegrounds.

The dev team made use of some existing PUBG mechanics and transformed them in fun ways to get a playful mode that didn’t waste important development resources. The Fantasy BR has given the developers a chance to see what crafting on the Battlegrounds might look like.

This will give the devs an opportunity to test out some of their ideas (like a certain shield they teased a bit too soon) in a real PUBG setting. None of these changes will find a permanent spot in the live game anytime soon, but it is a good excuse to gather your feedback so they can decide whether or not to develop them further.

To play, click on the Fantasy Battle Royale banner in the main lobby to enter the special Fantasy BR lobby.

Basic Rules

  • Fantasy BR takes place on the Dragon’s Isle (Erangel).
  • TPP only, 20 Squads of 4 (maximum of 80 players per match).
  • Fantasy BR does not support 1 man or 3 man squad but will automatically find suitable companions for you.
  • Friendly fire is disabled (unless we’re talking the mendingstar and heal bomb - the friendliest fire of all).
  • Fantasy BR does not grant XP rewards but BP is earned based on your total gameplay time.
  • Fantasy BR matches don’t count towards the Survivor Pass. However, there are separate Fantasy BR exclusive missions:
    • Complete Fantasy BR exclusive missions to earn special Fantasy BR mode rewards.
    • Please refer to the ‘Fantasy Battle Royale Exclusive Systems’ section for more details.

Fantasy Battle Royale Exclusive Systems

Character Equipment

In Fantasy Battle Royale, players start the game with a class-specific weapon, necklace, and ring equipped. These items are exclusive to your character and cannot be dropped or traded. Some classes will have ammo and special skills that they can use. 

These will be automatically refilled at specific intervals depending on the levels of your equipment. There is a cap to how many of each you can hold so you don't want to hoard your resources.

Item Crafting

  • Picking up crafting materials will allow you to upgrade your weapon and gear.
    • Use the right mouse button on components in the inventory screen to start crafting
  • Class Weapons, Necklaces, and Rings can be upgraded to Lv.4 using class-specific gems found throughout the world:
    • Loot crystals can be dropped for your teammates.
  • To raise your equipment to Lv.5, you will need to find a Zircon:
    • The Zircon is a crystal that spawns very rarely across the map.
    • Care Packages will always contain a Zircon.

PUBG Corporation PUBG Fantasy BR - Item Crafting PUBG Fantasy BR - Item Crafting

Fantasy BR Exclusive Missions and Store

  • There are new Fantasy Battle Royale Missions to complete, which earn you costume set pieces or a special event currency called Gold.
  • A total of 8 costume sets can be earned or purchased during this event, 2 costume sets per class:
    • The first set of skins is earned by completing missions and spending your Gold in the Fantasy Battle Royale store.
      • Alternatively, these sets may be purchased in the normal in-game store for $9.99 (£8.09)/set.
    • The second set of skins can be purchased in the normal in-game store using BP.
    • All unlocked Fantasy Battle Royale skins are permanent and can be used in normal PUBG games.

Fantasy Battle Royale Classes


Barbarians wield melee weapons and boast a high HP count. They can boost their movement speed using their rage or by landing successful attacks on the enemy.

This class also produces Mega Energy Drinks that can be used to recover large amounts of HP over time. 


Ranger's health pool is on the lower side of the spectrum but they make up for it by being long-ranged snipers equipped with the ‘Dragonslayer’ crossbow, capable of firing multiple shots in succession. 

Rangers use stealth to emit no movement sounds and can dole out Flash Powder grenades that temporarily blind enemies and decrease the amount of damage their allies receive.


The squishiest of them all, Wizards can deal AoE damage, fire 2 consecutive blasts from their wands, can drop a powerful Fireball spell, or call meteor showers.


The go-to class if you like playing support. Paladins have Mendingstar that serves to heal allies and slow down enemies while also dealing some damage. The Paladin’s Shield Charge can also knock away foes.

Paladins produce First Aid Kits and can toss out a Heal Bomb that doesn't discriminate between friend or foe and will heal everyone.

PUBG Fantasy BR

  • Image: 1 / 4
A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
PUBG Fantasy BR - Barabarian


  • Fantasy BR has its own set of world spawn items, which mostly include crafting materials.
  • No weapons, ammo, throwables, boosts, or equipment will spawn.
  • Bandages will still spawn in the world.


  • Only the Noble Steed (motorcycle) and Dragon Wagon (UAZ) will spawn in Fantasy BR.
  • Vehicles are slower and have lower durability than in normal BR.

Care Packages

  • Care Packages are dropped more often in Fantasy BR and are marked on the map for all players.
  • Care Packages can contain the Zircon, a powerful gem used to upgrade your gear to Lv.5.
  • Using the interaction key (F) on Care Packages grants a temporary invincibility buff.
    • The Buff lasts for 30 seconds, making you immune to all damage.
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