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SandBox Interactive go all-out with the Lands Awakened Soundtrack

Published: 01:56, 30 November 2021
Sandbox Interactive
Albion Online is officially cross-gen
Albion Online is officially cross-gen

Videogames are a medium for more than one sense. Besides the visual, and tactile sense, of course, the auditorial one plays a huge role as well, and SandBox Interactive are keen on making Albion Online fully immersive.

One of the major changes that came to the world of Albion with the recent Lands Awakened update was a revamped and expanded orchestral score, and this stunning soundtrack is available now on all major streaming platforms.

With seventeen brand new tracks, this promises to really enrich the experience of forging your path through the world of Albion. The new music was composed by Senior Audio Designer Marie Havemann and Jonne Valtonen and was recorded with the FILMharmonic Orchestra, along with percussionist Rony Barrak, at the Rudolfinum in Prague in summer 2021. The soundtrack includes:

  • Themes for each of Albion’s cities which beautifully capture the characteristics of their inhabitants,
  • Tense, invigorating combat and boss music,
  • A mystical, evocative soundtrack to the Destiny Board,
  • New Hideout music for their different stages of development,
  • A dedicated soundtrack for the Tutorial and Starter Towns,
  • The previously unreleased Hellgate music.

Sandbox Interactive It almost feels as if we are in Sherwood It almost feels as if we are in Sherwood

SandBox Interactive really are going all-out with the new season of Albion Online. And the soundtrack just confirms it. Not to mention taking into consideration the effort and the staff that was part of creating it.

So, next time you are storming an enemy hideout, you may stop and pay attention to what the music of the world tells you.

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