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Rumour: Metal Gear Solid full remake coming to PS5 and PC

Published: 07:41, 23 September 2020
Updated: 07:44, 23 September 2020
artwork showing Metal Gear Solid cover art
Metal Gear Solid

A full remake of the original Metal Gear Solid is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC. Metal Gear Solid 2,3 and 4 are also coming back but only as a simple re-releaseases, not remakes.

Earlier this week, a rumour surfaced over on ResetEra, a popular gaming forum, suggesting that Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 are coming to PC, once again. As you may know, both of these games are currently unplayable on PC since there the older software does not support the modern one but it looks like that is about to change very soon.

ResetEra user Potterson, who has been verified by the forum mods claimed games are coming to PC. "I'll use the Bethesda chaos to just say......MGS and MGS2 are coming to PC (again)," he wrote. 

Today, YouTuber RedGamingTech revealed a couple of new interesting pieces of information regarding the re-release. He said that according to his sources, the original game, Metal Gear Solid is getting a full remake and it's set to release on PlayStation 5 (console exclusive) and PC.

Apparently, this is a proper, "good" remake, not just a simple remaster with added support for higher resolutions. He also states that he does not know if the game will arrive first to PlayStation 5 with a PC release coming later. You can check out the video below, the interesting bit starts at 15:32.

Metal Gear Solid Remake with next-gen graphics and other improvements would certainly excite many fans of the franchise but as always with rumours, take this with a grain of salt, until we get an official confirmation from Konami.

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