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Yuke's deny any involvement with WWE 2K

Published: 16:54, 16 April 2020
2K Games
WWE 2K20 screenshot showing a male wrestler in black gear
WWE 2K20

Yuke's may have parted ways with the WWE 2K franchise but being at the helm for a few decades means it's just a matter of time before your name is whispered again. But no, Yuke's is not working on any WWE games.

Speaking to Video Games Chronicle, Yuke's representative dismissed the romantic notion of the studio's return to 2K wrestling ways. They said the studio "does not have plans to be involved in any way in the next WWE title."

According to the latest rumours, 2K Games have been planning on skipping WWE 2K21 altogether. And it wouldn't be surprising at all knowing the sort of reputation WWE 2K20 earned.  

The game's disastrous launch has certainly left a mark on the franchise, and you could argue that they should've skipped 2K20 instead. You'd be right too, but of course, hindsight is 20/20.

Nevertheless, there's a great dose of uncertainty around the franchise at the moment, not least helped by the ongoing pandemic. 

In their investor calls, 2K subtly pointed a finger at Visual Concepts, the studio that had to pick up after 20 years of Yuke's expertise and somehow mould it into a hit within a single year.

Ultimately, 2K found the wrestling title to be well below their visual and gameplay expectations, begging the question of why they rolled it out to begin with. 

If the rumours are true, it's definitely not a tragedy, because extra development time is always a good thing. Just ask Dice, right?

2K Games WWE 2K20 cover art featuring Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch WWE 2K20

What you can be certain about is that ship call Yuke's has sailed, although it might sail back at some point with a new WWE-competitor ship. 

You can find VGC's piece here .

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