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Rumour: Fallout 76 subscription sales were excellent

Published: 17:27, 06 November 2019
Updated: 08:36, 07 November 2019
Fallout 76 - Fallout 1st subscription promo image
Fallout 76 - Fallout 1st subscription promo image

Many people laughed at Bethesda when they launched a subscription service for the reviled Fallout 76. However, certain leaks and Bethesda's further behaviour point to Fallout 1st selling really well and people shelling out money, despite all the backlash.

Fallout 1st is the infamous premium subscription for the even more infamous Fallout 76. Bethesda looked like laughing stock when they released each of them, but there are some indicators that joke is on the players who keep complaining about the game but also keep dishing out money.

MMOG Fails is a blog that kept posting leaks relating to fails, centred of Anthem and Fallout 76 for a while now. While the credibility of information found on the blog can be seen as dubious, there is a considerable amount of information that MMOG Fails' sources leaked that turned out to be correct. For example, the 1 November 2019 post stated not all the Fallout 1st exclusive content will be free of additional charge for the subscribers.

A few days later, people were , demanding they get the Riot Gear paint job for no charge since they already subscribed to the service but the 5 November 2019 Atomic Shop update demanded 500 Atoms for the paint job. According to MMOG Fails, it was the community pressure that caused Bethesda to and refund those who already paid. 

Back in the , however, MMOG Fails stated that Bethesda's sales of the Fallout 1st service were "excellent" which came as a surprise, considering all the backlash both Fallout 76 and Fallout 1st got. According to there, Bethesda's internal metrics showed that one-month subscription sales were "much larger than expected" while the one-year subscription sales "a bit more than [Bethesda] thought".

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Another pointer that states the sales were good so far is that the leaks mention Bethesda's plans for a free trial of Fallout 1st. This is nothing new in the world of gaming services but it's usually introduced when sales underperform or slow down and more promotion is needed. It appears the system is still a while away from being introduced.

Considering that people keep stating that each transgression Bethesda makes is the straw that broke camel's back, causing them to quit Fallout 76, it is awfully contradictory to see that Bethesda's subscription service is selling like hotcakes. You have one shot to guess what speaks louder to companies - Reddit outrage or the money that comes their way.

Keep in mind that this information comes from a blog post with alleged Bethesda sources so take these leaks with a grain of salt. However, there does appear to be some truth to them as the 1 November 2019 prediction was spot on.

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