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Daily Ops coming to Fallout 76 in the next patch

Published: 11:25, 12 September 2020
Fallout 76 - Daily Ops
Fallout 76 - Daily Ops

Bethesda announced a new activity to keep Fallout 76 players occupied, the Daily Ops, with randomisation and loot designed for replayability.

Bethesda's titles often feature radiant quests, which basically means they can be repeated but are fairly simple in structure. You go to a place, kill or take the designated thing and go back for a reward. Skyrim players know these adventures as the repeatable quests from Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Dawnguard and other organisations while Fallout fans will probably remember the repeatable raider quests from Fallout 4 Nuka World.

Something similar is getting introduced in Fallout 76 but with a bit more complexity. Daily Ops will be repeatable as many times as one would like but they have three tiers of rewards that are available only once a day and are based on the completion speed.

Furthermore, enemies, locations and some modifiers will be randomised to keep things interesting. For example, all the enemies will be able to spot the players easier but additional modifiers might be present, such as Volatile which makes them explode on death, Active Camo that gives enemies stealth while not attacking, Resilient which makes them killable only by melee or Freezing Touch that causes enemy attacks to freeze players.

It appears that these should serve a purpose similar to strikes in Destiny 2 and they will also have the same post-action report. Overall, Vault Dwellers should have a new activity that will keep them occupied as they adventure either solo or with a team of up to four people.

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