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PS5 leak reveals 4D themes, new UI design details and more

Published: 12:54, 21 August 2020
Updated: 12:57, 21 August 2020
screenshot showing fanmade PlayStation 5 UI
PlayStation 5 UI - fan made design

Reddit user who claims to be an artist working on the next Call of Duty has shared a bunch of new details about PS5 UI design. Apparently, one of the biggest additions are 4D themes and the option to play music from DualSense controller.

One thing that we're incredibly excited to see is the PlayStation 5 UI redesign, which could be showcased at one of the upcoming PlayStation 5 events. And as we wait for Sony to finally give us more details about the UI and show what their UI/UX designers have been working on, a new leak has surfaced on Reddit with a lot of juicy info about the new UI.

The leaker, who claims to be an artist working on the recently revealed Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War says that Sony have approached the studio to make a new Call of Duty theme for PlayStation 5, which will serve as a pre-order bonus.

Apparently, PlayStation 5 will support 4D themes which change the music, UI art, background image and can play music through DualSense controller, make it rumble at times and change the colour of the lights. 

On top of this, the leaker mentions that the PlayStation 5 UI design is similar to PlayStation 4 UI in a lot of ways. The biggest difference is in the select game panel, which has been pushed to the bottom of the screen. Game icons "peak out" from the bottom and when hovered over, the central part of the screen turn into a full image. When clicked, you'll zoom into the image like heading into a portal to your game. Sound pretty cool, if true.

Hovering over icons also reveals friends who are playing the game and special in-game events. The leaker also states that the news tab is now completely gone from the home screen and players will have to press down on the panel to see news. Here is the post in full: 

neogaf screenshot showing PlayStation 5 UI details from Reddit leak PlayStation 5 UI details from Reddit leak

PlayStation 5 is set to release during holiday season 2020. We hope to learn more about the console this month when the rumoured PS5 event takes place.

PlayStation 5, Sony's next-gen console unveiled

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